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An e-mail and web-based service that highlights each day's most important SEC filings pertaining to variable annuities. Through Contract Alerts learn about the latest VA products, pricing, and advisory arrangements as soon as they are made public.

4/27/2015 - John Hancock Venture
4/27/2015 - Minnesota Mutual MultiOption Flex/ Single
4/27/2015 - RiverSource Retirement Advisor 5 Access Variable Annuity NY
4/27/2015 - RiverSource Retirement Advisor 5 Select Variable Annuity
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4Q Quarterly Earnings I: Interest Rates, Volatility Making Their Marks
by Tamiko Toland 4/24/2015

Though the last period in 2014 experience a point-to-point gain in the S&P 500, the high volatility put hedging programs through their paces. Furthermore, interest rates continued their steady decline as the key instruments that insurers rely on to back VA guarantees continued to sink through the quarter. Interest rates have become a potent part of the conversation for all insurers, though all within the context of hedging strategies that moderate effects on both ends of the spectrum.

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Fund Alerts Search Fund Alerts

A web-based service that highlights most important SEC filings pertaining to variable annuity underlying funds daily. Through Fund Alerts one may stay on top of latest VA underlying funds, pricing changes, sub-advisor changes, and advisory arrangements.

4/21/2015 - FTVIP Templeton Growth VIP
4/20/2015 - Columbia Var Global Bond
4/17/2015 - Transam ST AEGON Active Asset Allocation Moderate
4/15/2015 - Ivy VIP Limited Term Bond
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