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An e-mail and web-based service that highlights each day's most important SEC filings pertaining to variable annuities. Through Contract Alerts learn about the latest VA products, pricing, and advisory arrangements as soon as they are made public.

3/27/2017 - Prudential Premier Retirement VA (For contracts issued on or after February 10, 2014) v3.0
3/27/2017 - Allianz Vision New York Variable Annuity issued on or prior to April 29, 2011
3/27/2017 - Nationwide Select Retirement (Smith Barney)
3/24/2017 - Principal Pivot Series Variable Annuity
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4Q Quarterly Earnings I: VAs Demand Management, Not Salesmanship
by Tamiko Toland 2/17/2017

The S&P 500 gained 3.3% during 4Q and 10-year Treasury rates crossed solidly over 2.0%, a welcome shift for VA manufacturers. That said, VA sales still floundered under concerns over grandfathering of qualified sales subject to the DOL conflict of interest rule. For the insurers on this list, management of legacy blocks is generally more of an issue than new business. The quarterly earnings coverage is currently divided into two groupings of those companies less committed to the VA business (I) and those that are more committed (II), based on public statements. With the gradual disappearance of many companies on this list, next quarter’s coverage will rearrange companies into two groups based on whether they are foreign or domestic.

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Fund Alerts Search Fund Alerts

A web-based service that highlights most important SEC filings pertaining to variable annuity underlying funds daily. Through Fund Alerts one may stay on top of latest VA underlying funds, pricing changes, sub-advisor changes, and advisory arrangements.

3/24/2017 - Dreyfus Var Inv Socially Responsible Growth
3/24/2017 - Great-West Federated Bond
3/23/2017 - Pioneer Real Estate Shares VCT
3/20/2017 - Vanguard Var Small Co Growth
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