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In-Depth Reports provide incisive research and analysis on topics within the retirement income space that are important to insurance companies, asset managers, and others. These reports range across a various topics but are generally on the topic of retirement income (both retail and institutional) and retirement-related products.

Within in-depth reports, the team is able to incorporate qualitative data from various sources, including company interviews. This is especially useful for emerging trends, where there may be little empirical data but companies are looking for more comprehensive context. Produced by the Annuity Insight team, these reports are not included in the annual subscription price, but all subscribers receive an automatic discount when purchasing these reports.

Published: September, 2014

Managed Volatility: Shifts in a Growing Market

Our new study provides a refined framework for analyzing these funds and expands our definition of managed volatility to include two categories: Low Volatility and Tail Risk Managed. Detailed data tables allow for fund-level and advisor-level comparisons across the variable annuity and mutual fund groups.

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Published: October, 2013

Managed Volatility: Tracking the Growth of an Investment Trend

The second annual managed volatility report separates the universe of managed volatility funds into tail risk and low volatility funds, thus greatly expanding the population of funds analyzed. This report also touches on the emergence of smart beta as a subset of the low volatility category.

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Published: December, 2012

Managed Volatility: The Anatomy of an Investing Trend

The initial report on the managed volatility trend focused on tail risk-managed funds. This report outlines the first generation methodology for defining and identifying managed volatility funds and includes market data as well as background information. The appendix includes a complete list of VA and open-end managed volatility funds grouped by strategy for managing market volatility.

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Published: August, 2012

In Plan Guarantees: Identifying Trends and Opportunities in an Evolving Marketplace

This report sheds light on an evolving area of retirement income, in-plan guarantees. The shift of longevity risk from employers to employees has generated interest in products that are able to create income guarantees within defined contribution plans. The report includes descriptions of 14 in-plan guarantees including grids that provide convenient links to manufacturer product information and related IRA rollover products.

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Published: October, 2011

Variable Annuity Guaranteed Living Benefit Product Profiles

This report updates living benefit information similar to the 2010 report, serving as a reference to compare or research more than 50 living benefits from 20 insurers. Data includes details on the features and asset allocations. This reference provides easy access to key information on the industry's most popular innovated living benefits, updated to October 2011.

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Published: September, 2010

Variable Annuity Living Benefits and Eligible Funds

Summary descriptions of living benefits with comprehensive fund data on the underlying eligible investments. Each detailed benefit summary includes detailed information on eligible investments, including asset allocations to underlying funds, fund performance, and fees, organized by investment category. This report includes benefit and fund data updated to September 2010.

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Published: March, 2009

Guaranteed Retirement Income Beyond Annuities Standalone Living Benefit: A Novel Product Solution for Mutual Fund and Managed Account Investors

This comprehensive report examines an innovation in guaranteed retirement income, Standalone Living Benefits (SALBs), or living benefit guarantees on non-annuity assets. The report describes the distribution and regulatory environment for this new type of guarantees. Research focuses on SEC filings and extensive discussions with executives at the various firms involved, especially focusing on a series of interviews with broker/dealer gatekeepers regarding their attitudes and plans regarding SALBs.

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Upcoming Reports

Managed Volatility Report

With anticipated release during Q3, this update of the managed volatility report will include fully updated lists and data, including all funds registered/converted through Q2. The new edition also features an exclusive section on international managed volatility funds.

Investment-Only VA Report

This new report will shed light on the old-becomes-new trend of investment-only VAs. The current list of contracts includes over two dozen contracts from nearly as many companies. The report combines SEC-based research on individual contracts as well as information gathered from company interviews focusing on marketing and distribution strategies.

Managed Volatility 2015
(Q4 data)

In response to client requests for more frequent updates of data, release of the managed volatility report will include year-end data and integrate the latest fund data.

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